Violin Lessons

Your search for music lessons is over! Justin offers a complete education package that nurtures music students and provides them a great deal of opportunities to perform, network, and perfect their music skills. You can be assured of receiving music instruction that is second to none while catering for all levels from absolute beginners right through to very advanced students.  Available on both Skype and if distance permitting in person.


As any beginner will tell you, starting out can be a challenge, and for this reason, the service is designed to take you through the very basics of music in an interactive and entertaining approach. No matter your age it’s never too late to learn an instrument, so whether you are 7 or 70 the beginner track can accommodate all your musical needs. 


You already mastered the basics in music but you are looking for your next challenge. Look no further, this service will first examine your musical abilities and then set out a road map to reach your potential. You can expect fast progress, excellent service and high-quality tuition throughout your learning journey. 

Music Theory

If you find it hard to encounter other musical students performing at your high level, this is the service for you. You’ll meet experienced private instructors, that are excited to help you reach for the stars. This service is an excellent way to network with well-connected musicians who can assist with your quest to reach the very top. 

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